Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Guerrero Outlasts Rios in Derby Action

Guerrero Becomes Homer Hero for a Day

There weren't any splash landings Monday night in San Francisco, but Vladimir Guerrero of the Los Angeles Angels was still able to put on a show for fans around the world, outlasting Alex Rios or the Toronto Blue Jays to win his first Home Run Derby.

"The first time I came in 2000, I swung at every pitch, so you learn," Guerrero said through an interpreter during the derby.

"I came back this year with a different philosophy. I was going to try to take a pitch between, to rest a little bit," he added.

ESPN's Chris Berman, Dusty Baker and Joe Morgan were on hand at AT&T Park while right-handed batters stole the show from McCovey's Cove.


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