Tuesday, June 5, 2007

NFL Live Needs to Find More Offseason FOOTBALL News

Tirade Earns Wellman 3-game Suspension

NPSE Zone Commentary
By Patrick W. Connelly

Monday's edition of NFL Live was so scant on actual NFL news that host Trey Wingo and analysts Mike Golic and John Clayton spent a portion of the program discussing how a tirade similar to Lou Piniella's and minor league coach Phillip Wellman's would translate in disciplinary actions on the National Football League's sidelines.

After arguing calls by umpires over the weekend, Piniella netted a four-game suspension from Major League Baseball, while Wellman was suspended three. Granted, outside of player arrests and the ongoing Michael Vick dogfighting scandal, there's little NFL headlines on a day-to-day basis. I, like everyone else, thought NFL Live 365 days a year would be great, but let's at least keep it on topic guys.

Yes, baseball managers objecting to the calls of an umpire that negatively affect their team are as much a part of the game as sunflower seeds, rosin bags, a mouthful of tobacco or - dare I say - steroids. Its entertaining. Would football be entertaining with coaches throwing hats at referees? Maybe, but I don't really want to find out - and quite honestly, I never even gave it a thought until Golic, Clayton and Wingo brought up the vision Monday.


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