Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Robert Flores on Tuesday's Sportscenter

NPSE Zone ESPN Personality of the Day: Robert Flores

Robert Flores, a daily fixture on ESPNEWS, got a break from the network Tuesday to host the 1 a.m. edition of Sportscenter alongside Stan Verrett.

Flores began working with ESPN in 2005, spending most of his time as a studio host on ESPNNEWS, but occasionally hosting Sportscenter. According to Wikipedia, Flores was working with Danyelle Sargent when she made her now infamous statement "What the F*** was that," due to technical difficulties. Ironically, Flores was once fired for muttering the same curse word on-air in 2004 when he worked for KEYE in Austin, Texas.

*Image courtesy of ESPNtv.com


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