Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Vitale Says Donovan Staying at Florida is "Great" for College Hoops

Donovan in Talks with Magic to Rescind Contract

ESPN college basketball analyst Dick Vitale said on Monday's 11 p.m. edition of Sportscenter that Billy Donovan choosing not to continue any further with his possible new gig with the Orlando Magic and returning to Florida to coach the Gators for years to come is a great move for college basketball.

Donovan accepted and signed a contract with the Magic Friday to become their new coach, but reportedly had "second thoughts" on taking the new position this past weekend. It seems all but inevitable at this point that Donovan and the Magic won't be agreeing to have him take the job, allowing the coach to return to Florida.

ESPN.com's college basketball writer Andy Katz reported Monday night Donovan has apologized repeatedly to the Magic's organization for the turmoil he's caused in their coaching search.


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